The Preston Eames Award Info


Preston Eames Award

The Preston Eames Award is named after long time soccer coach and referee who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  The award recognizes an individual who has been dedicated and contributed to improving the sport of soccer in the state of New Hampshire.  This person must show a continued dedication to the sport of soccer and his/her contributions should have made a difference in New Hampshire during the current year.  This award has been a part of the New Hampshire Soccer Coaches Association awards since 1983.  New Hampshire Soccer Coaches Association members nominate individuals whom should receive the award.  A plaque is given to the individual who the New Hampshire Soccer Coaches Association members vote on and determine at the end of the fall soccer season.


First Presented in 1973 – NHSCA Outstanding Contributors Award

1973  Poudy Walsh, Claremont Eagle

1974  Paul Harbor, Concord Monitor

1975  Andy Wilson, Referee

1976  Art Jackson, Referee

1977  Rick Trasewski, Concord Monitor

1978  Dave Markowitz, Concord Monitor

1979  Gary Fitz, Keene Sentinel

1980  Mike Lowe, Concord Monitor

1981  John Habib, Union Leader

1982  Al Blakely, Newfound

Sandy Buckman, Nashua Telegraph

1983 Became Preston Eames Award

1983  Carl Hill, Kearsarge Coach

1984  George Merrill, Hanover Coach

1985  Charles Brusso, Raymond

1986  Carl Hill, Kearsarge Coach

1987  James Daley, Merrimack Coach

1988  Steve Rossetti, Official

1989  Jane Kelley, Trinity

1990  Steve Rossetti, Official

1991  William Babine, Goffstown

1992  William Babine, Goffstown

1993  Jeff Pill, Derryfield

1994  David Elliot, Memorial

1995  Hank Tenney, Hanover Girls

1997  Hank Tenney, Hanover

1998  David Pinkham, Gilford

1999  Hank Tenney, Hanover

2000  Steve Rossetti, Official

Hank Tenney, Hanover

2001  Otis Wirth, Referee

2002  Otis Wirth, Referee

Jim Tufts, Exeter Boys

2003  George Merrill, Hanover

2004 Otis Wirth, Referee

2005  Eric Emmerling, Union Leader

2006  Eric Emmerling, Union Leader

2007  Karl Edmunds, Seacoast United

2008  Otis Wirth, Referee

2009  Mike Gaydo, Berlin Newspaper

2010  Michael Hill, Somersworth

2011  Erik Emmerling, Union Leader

2012  David Pinkham, Gilford

2013  Steve Rossetti, Official

2014  Paul Hogan, NHTI

2015  Rob Grabill, Hanover

2016  Anthony Cassarino, Plymouth

2017  Jeff Cousineau, Derryfield

2018 Joseph Duball, Union Leader

2019 Scott Dunlop, Concord

2020  Mike Martinez, Trinity

2021  Steve Rossetti, official

Tom Fischer, official

2022  Heidi Crockett, NHTI